Guitars and Mistakes

A rock star who doesn’t know his own mind. A rising star who wants to save him. And a secret that will either save them… or tear them apart.

Lila Potter. Sunshine Girl. Rising star. And as of this week, my agent’s new favorite project—and one, I’ll add, that replaces her old favorite project, which was me. The agent—and for all I know, the record label and my publicist, too—have decided that I’m no longer worth their time. I’m too broken. Too dark. Too damaged.

The sad thing is, they’re right. And Lila is a better option for all of them. She’s gorgeous and talented and sunny. The bright light to my darkness.

The sunshine to my broken soul.

And the only balm that can make me feel better. I’m in love with the girl and everything about her… but I also know that she’s too good for me. She’s too bright, too beautiful, and I’m willing to sell my entire life’s work to save her from anyone who might hurt her.

Even if that someone is me.

Rivers Shine. Famous rockstar. Playboy. Angstiest musician around.

And also a lost boy, not that anyone else has ever bothered to notice. But I saw it the first time I met him, even though he puts on a good show with his grunge, loud music, and ice-cold stares. I’ve never been able to stop seeing it. Rivers Shine is a good man who’s built a bad reputation just to keep himself protected from the world around him. He doesn’t want anyone seeing the real him, though he’s never told me why that is.

The thing is, I do see the real him. I see the laughter. I see the wry sense of humor and the fact that he’d sell his own soul for the people he loves. I’ve even seen the teddy bear he doesn’t want anyone to know about.

I also know he’s planning to sacrifice himself for the good of his band.

And I’ll be damned if I’ll let him do that.

Because I love him too much to allow it. Even if he’s the most dangerous—and possibly deadly—thing that’s ever happened to me.

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