hero next door

A gift she didn’t want. A neighbor he definitely didn’t need. And a week that would change everything.

Parker Pelton had it all figured out. A career as a manager, a music tour with her best friend, and a beautiful house in Nashville to come home to. But if she knows anything about life, it’s that you can’t trust things just because they look too pretty.

When she arrives home to find that she’s been given another house, she’s forced back to the hometown she always swore she’d put behind her. Arberry, North Carolina. Where her father was cruel and her first boyfriend even crueler.

The town she left as soon as she was old enough to rent an apartment by herself.

The town she swore she’d never set foot in again.

When she arrives at her new house, intent on figuring out how quickly she can get rid of it again, she’s confronted with another problem.

A new neighbor. A new neighbor that she knows.

A new neighbor who came a little too close to touching her heart the last time she was in Arberry.


Dev Hawthorne never set out to be a rancher. He never set out to be a cranky neighbor, either.

Most importantly, he never set out to suggest to Parker Pelton, the girl next door, that he help her turn her new house into a B&B rather than selling it to the developer who would ruin the neighborhood.

But if Dev knows anything about life, it’s that it rarely goes the way you expect it to. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

When Parker finishes her business and is on her way out of town again, though, Dev realizes it’s one punch he’s not willing to roll with.

He never set out to fall in love with Parker Pelton. But now that he has, he’s going to find a way to make her stay—and a way to save her from the past that has never stopped haunting her.

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