Her hero

A kidnapping gone wrong. A girl in need of a hero. And a hero who might be in over his head.

I never thought I’d be calling Sloane Brennan my ally again, and I never expected to have to play her hero. I thought those days were far, far behind us.

Then again, I never expected to kidnap her, get her to Italy, and fall in love with her again, either.

But when you kidnap a girl and take her to another country, only to find that the guy you’re supposed to give her to has plans that don’t include keeping her safe, you do what you have to do. And in this case, that means keeping Sloane safe. No matter what it takes. No matter what it costs. No matter how many people I have to alienate along the way.

Because now that I have her in my arms again, I have no intentions of giving her back up. I’ve tasted too much of her. Let her under my skin.

Shown her pieces of me that I’ve never shown anyone.

This time, I’m playing for keeps. And I don’t particular care whether she likes it or not.

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