Tattoos and Heartbreak

He’s got everything she ever wanted. She’s got everything he’s always needed. But it will take a bad agreement, a road trip, and a contract for them to make it work.

As an aspiring country-western star, there isn’t much Lila Potter wouldn’t do for a chance to make her dreams come true. So when words gets out that two bonafide superstars are giving away a recording contract, she’s prepared to follow their tour for as long as it takes to get lucky. But when she unexpectedly falls into the arms—and bed—of the nation’s most troubled rock star in the process, her entire plan is endangered.

Singer Rivers Shine is the epitome of a bad boy, and he’s got the reputation to prove it. His agent, once patient with his adventures, is now fed up with his antics. Desperately in need of some good PR for her this proudly bad boy, she issues an ultimatum: Either Rivers agrees to fix his image or his band loses its spot as the opening act on the biggest tour of the year.

Rivers doesn’t like it, but he knows he has no choice. Agree… or lose his band the chance of a lifetime.

And it shouldn’t be that hard, right? According to his agent, he just has to pretend he finally has a steady girlfriend and might actually be thinking about settling down.

And she already has the perfect woman in mind. She knows they have chemistry. She knows they can’t keep their eyes off each other.

The girl he’s already taken to bed once.

The girl who sees him for who he actually is.

Now, everything depends on Rivers and Lila convincing the public that they really are a couple. If they succeed, Rivers and his band continue on the tour. Lila gets the recording contract she’s always dreamed of.


But when very real feelings start to get in the way of their very fake relationship, things get complicated. The more they see of each other, the more real sparks begin to fly. After several late-night chats, a forced road trip, and more than one physical encounter that leaves them both shaking with desire, Lila and Rivers are forced to admit that there might be more to this fake relationship than they thought.

But is there a happily ever after waiting at the end of their publicity stunt? Or will they both be left with nothing more than tattoos and heartbreak?

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